1. Can a food production kitchen bid on this, or were you looking for an active Second Harvest partner agency to bid on it?
    1. Any food service management company or commercial kitchen can bid as long as they have the appropriate permitting through local and state entities. If you are part of a Second Harvest partner agency, please bid under the kitchen or food service management company name (if applicable) rather than the partner agency name. 
  2. The bid is asking for 6265 meals “Lunch/Supper” – how is that broken down? Further down it states 5 meal periods per week for 1 year. Is this intended for the Summer BreakSpot only?
  3. This is the total number of meals we estimate will be ordered/served for the months of May, June, July and August 2023. Meals will generally be ordered Monday through Friday by the sites. This is only intended to operate during the Summer BreakSpot operating period. 
  4. Is this food to be delivered or can it be picked up? Will it go to ASH directly or directly to recipients?
  5. We are asking meals to be delivered to the physical sites on a daily basis. The meals will be delivered to the site supervisors at the locations listed on the bid in schedule A/page 19. The site supervisors will then deliver the meals directly to the recipients during their meal service time. 
  6. Is the 10% performance bond applicable if the contract is under $100,000?
  7. The performance bond is only applicable for contracts that exceed the minimum purchase threshold. For our organization, that would mean the contract would have to be in excess of $250,000. If the contract will amount to less than the listed $100,000 the 10% performance bond will not apply. 
  8. Can a bid be made for only a portion of the meals or sites? In other words, can an FMSC bid for 3 sites instead of all 7?
  9. Yes, a bidder may submit a bid for just part of the contract if that is what their capacity would allow for. If your FMSC is unable to make deliveries to all locations, we will welcome bids for the sites that you are able to deliver to or support. Please specify which sites in your bid
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