Why is it important to support Second Harvest?

Because food is a basic human need, and no one should go hungry. Without food bank services, thousands of our neighbors may suffer the indignity, fear, mental stress and health issues related to food insecurity. But that doesn’t have to happen, and there are many ways to support your local food bank.

Can just one person make a difference?

Yes! The issue of hunger can seem overwhelming, but the fact is we count on small, recurring donations to help keep our shelves stocked with nutritious food.

We Make it Easy to Donate

Your financial gifts support Second Harvest Programs that serve our most vulnerable citizens, including children, seniors, veterans and the homeless, and help ensure we are fleet and ready to respond quickly during emergency situations.

Food donations are always welcomed. Want to make an even bigger impact? Hosting a food drive to collect non-perishable food donations is a great option for families, clubs, businesses and service organizations—we’ll even provide free food collection bins with our logo.

Your Helping Hand

Volunteering not only benefits the food bank, it also helps you, your family and your business or organization make stronger connections in our community, and can help to improve social skills and lower stress levels—it’s a win-win!