Our Impact

Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth- FHSC

Karusha Sharpe serves as the Director and lead volunteer for the Hope Harvest food pantry, a vital component of the hunger relief ministry at Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth. Through their partnership with Second Harvest, the pantry is able to provide a variety of components to the families they serve along with comprehensive support to its community members. Sharpe explains, “We receive a variety of fresh produce from a partnership with a local farmer in Gadsden county that Second Harvest connected us with.”

The pantry goes above and beyond by offering a unique shopping experience through its choice pantry model. Sharpe explains, “We have a room that is set up like a grocery store with shelves and refrigerator and freezers so that the neighbors are able to have a shopping experience and get the food that they want rather than getting prepackaged food.”  Sharpe shares that Second Harvest has really outfitted the pantry, so that they can receive more food. This approach is tailored toward the neighbor experience  as they can select items that fall within their preferences and dietary needs.

A lot of the retail products that they receive from Walmart and other retail partners go into the choice pantry. The addition of retail products from Walmart further enhances the choice pantry experience, creating an atmosphere  similar to a traditional grocery store. Sharpe expresses enthusiasm for this development, noting, “When they come in they are overwhelmed, some have even come in crying at the ability to have such an experience at our food pantry.” With the inclusion of deli meats, roasted chicken, fresh produce, and branded Walmart products, Sharpe says ,” allows the folks to feel like they are in an actual grocery store “ and ultimately elevating the pantry visit from necessity to an entire shopping experience.

The Hope Harvest food pantry exemplifies a holistic approach to hunger relief, prioritizing not only the quantity but also the quality and dignity of assistance provided. We thank you Karusha and Metropolitan Cathedral of truth for your commitment to serve the community!

Because of our partnership with Walmart and Sam’s, many of our partner agencies like Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth are able to provide much needed fresh produce and other items to the families they serve and help to alleviate the hunger of our neighbors within the Big Bend.

We are in the final stretch of the 11th annual Walmart and Sam’s Club Fight Hunger. Spark Change. (FHSC) campaign, which runs from April 1st to April 29th 2024. FHSC is extremely easy to participate in! Donations can be made at the register, or when checking out online.

To learn how you can be a part of the Fight Hunger. Spark Change, please go to