School Pantry Program

Children need a reliable source of healthy food to be successful. To help children in our service area, we developed a School Pantry Program. This program places food pantries in local schools to provide children and their families with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat or protein options, and pantry staples.

Kid's Cafe Program

The Kid's Cafe Program helps feed Leon County children after school at community centers and churches during the school months of August through June. This program helps bridge the gap for children who receive most of their meals from school and may need a nutritious dinner when they go home.

Summer BreakSpot Program

The Summer BreakSpot Program provides kids with a free, nutritious meal and snack at sponsored sites during the summer months, ensuring children have a stable source of food for nourishment and growth when school is out.

Food on the Move

The Food on the Move program helps bridge the gap during summer months for kids who rely on school for most meals. Second Harvest's "Food on the Move" van delivers free food to kids 18 and under throughout Tallahassee. Our Food on the Move Afterschool program also delivers free food for kids in Leon County at designated underserved neighborhoods throughout the school year.

For more information about second harvest’s child nutrition programs:

Contact Child Nutrition Coordinator