About Second Harvest of the Big Bend's Food Rescue Programs

With so many people in the Big Bend and across the country going hungry, it is shocking to consider how much food is wasted. In America, 1/3 of all food is wasted leading to billions of pounds wasted. The potential to help our neighbors in need and our environment by reducing food waste is huge. Thats why, at Second Harvest of the Big Bend, we reduce waste through our food rescue programs.

Our fleet of semi-trucks are on the road five days per week, safely recovering food that retailers can't market because of minor damage or a code date issue, recovering millions of pounds of fresh produce, meats, baked goods, and prepared foods that will go to our neighbors in need. 

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Director of Community Impact
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Did You Know That Your Fruit Trees Could Feed Your Neighbors in Need?

Our 'Trees that Feed' Program offers a unique opportunity for homeowners in Tallahassee to make a meaningful impact in their community. 

Simply fill out the interest form and a group of our dedicated volunteers will come to your home to harvest the surplus fruit from your trees, ensuring no fruit goes to waste while providing nutritious food to those in need!

Trees That Feed Interest Form