Our Impact

Small Actions Make Big Differences

Meet Meisa.

Meisa is a bright 12-year-old who used her imagination to find a new way to give back to her community. After hearing from her mother that every $1 donated to Second Harvest of the Big Bend could provide up to four full meals to individuals in need, Meisa immediately began to wonder how she could raise money to contribute as well.

Her first gameplan? A classic lemonade stand. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, the lemonade stand didn’t yield the results she was expecting. She was only able to sell about two glasses of lemonade, and knowing that she needed a new idea, Meisa started brainstorming right away.

While looking around her house for new ideas and inspiration, she took one look at the Satsuma orange tree in her backyard and eureka! The tree was loaded with oranges that year, and she knew there were more than her family could eat. So, Meisa thought, “How can I turn one orange into a full meal?”

In 2020, with her parents’ help, Meisa created and posted an advertisement in her neighborhood’s Facebook Marketplace group. Within 24 hours, she had over 20 families requesting oranges! With the help of her friends on their bikes, Meisa worked to fulfill the orders and deliver them to families within her community. In 2022, her tree bore another massive crop of sweet Satsumas. Going into her fourth year of fundraising in 2023, she plans to continue this annual tradition of giving back to her community!

Meisa’s story shows us how simple donations can make an enormous difference, and we can’t thank her enough for her kind and generous spirit.

Feeling inspired and ready to make a difference yourself?