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Tiffany’s Story -FHSC

Meet Tiffany, a lifelong Tallahassee native who sought assistance from one of our distributions to provide food for her husband and daughter during challenging times. The pandemic brought increased hardships to families, prompting Tiffany’s search for pantries that could offer a helping hand. Fortunately, she discovered Second Harvest network of pantries around town, which made a significant difference for her family even after the Pandemic.

When we asked Tiffany about the kind of support she receives for her family at the pantry, she expressed her gratitude for the variety of offerings. From juice to a selection of meats and other costly items, the assistance from Second Harvest helps alleviate the burden of grocery expenses each week.

With a heartfelt message, Tiffany encourages those who might be hesitant to seek help not to feel embarrassed. She emphasizes that everyone experiences difficult times and could benefit from an extra boost, urging them to visit the pantry without hesitation.

During a recent visit to the pantry amidst stormy weather, Tiffany was touched by the dedication of the volunteers, who continued to provide food with a warm and welcoming attitude. Despite the rain, the comforting atmosphere remained unchanged. To the Second Harvest team, she extends her sincerest gratitude and appreciation.

By sharing Tiffany’s story, we hope to inspire others to seek assistance when needed and remind them that receiving help is a sign of strength and community support. Second Harvest is committed to providing compassionate aid to families like Tiffany’s, ensuring that no one goes hungry in our community.

Because of our partnership with Walmart and Sam’s, many of our neighbors are able to get nutritious food for their families and help to alleviate the hunger of our neighbors within the Big Bend.

This year marks the 10th annual Walmart and Sam’s Club Fight Hunger. Spark Change. (FHSC) campaign, which runs from April 10 to May 8, 2023. The objective of FHSC is to increase awareness of our shared commitment to fight hunger and raise funds for local Feeding America partner food banks.

To learn how you can be a part of the Fight Hunger. Spark Change, please go to